What is Project-Based Learning?

What is Project-Based Learning?

You may have heard the term project-based learning (PBL), but what is it really all about? Project-based learning is an educational tool that increases student success and long-term growth by encouraging collaboration, decision-making, reflection, and discussion about real-life situations. This method of teaching is becoming widely popular in schools and educational settings because it engages students by tapping into their personal concerns, interests, and life issues.

The goal of PBL is to give students flexible, deeper learning experiences that will prepare them for further education, careers, and adulthood. Instead of attending a class passively, students actively participate in projects that pertain to the real world. This helps them feel more connected to their peers and communities.

Project-based learning incorporates complex questions that prompt critical thinking, investigation, creative problem solving, research, and teamwork. Students practice these skills over an extended period of time and can then apply them to their future lives.

While PBL does entail working toward an end-product, the emphasis is on the learning process itself. For example, a project that requires students to develop a business plan prompts them to not only learn about economics and entrepreneurship, but also about organization, time management, and cooperation. PBL facilitates student interaction with each other as well as the content, equipping them with learning strategies to use in years to come.

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