Career and Life Skills

This text was developed in collaboration with Pearson Education for the state of Virginia Department of Education to meet the needs of a new mandated personal finance course.

This text teaches students to take control of their lives with skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

This text enables students to identify their career interests, aptitudes, and learning styles while exploring career opportunities.

Health Science

This newly revised text teaches the basics of medical terminology for students entering a health science career at the high school or post secondary course level.

This engaging text provides essential knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology for students entering health professions.

This text is a comprehensive, up-to-date high school health science program.


Written from a horticultural perspective, this user-friendly, up-to-date text promotes a complete understanding of the plants used in landscape design.

This newly revised edition explores the ever-evolving animal agriculture industry.

This text provides an introduction to the study of agriculture with an emphasis on mechanical areas, career skills, leadership development, oral communication, and citizenship and patriotism.

Information Technology & Computer Applications

Computer Programming helps students learn the fundamentals of problem-solving processes and apply them through programming techniques to solve real-world problems

Learning Web Technologies offers an in-depth introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver and other web design and development technologies. This book supports the Creative Cloud versions of the Adobe Dreamweaver application.

This text teaches basic skills of the Microsoft® Office suite 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) in the context of business scenarios.

Culinary Arts & Nutrition

This text teaches students to make wiser food choices and features engaging activities with an emphasis on math and science concepts.

This industry-driven curriculum is designed to launch students into their restaurant and foodservice career. This is the official curriculum of the ProStart® program offered by the National Restaurant Association.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

Principles of Applied Engineering explores the fields of engineering through scenarios and group projects. Students discover the different types of engineering-related disciplines and career paths.

This contemporary text presents reading strategies and engaging activities to teach students how a variety of technologies are developed and used.

This text provides an introduction to forensic science, covering core concepts of the process from collecting evidence through evidence analysis and scientific findings in court.

Nonprofit Organizations

Water and Sustainability provides comprehensive information about environmental, social, and economic concerns related to water and sustainability. The text was created for the Green Education Foundation.

This text offers basic knowledge of sustainability, its purpose, and its challenges. It was created for the Green Education Foundation and includes a progressive certification program.

Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future provides knowledge for beginning and operating a business. The text was created for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). It focuses on skills such as communications, negotiating, business ethics, social responsibility, and goal setting.

Computer Literacy

This text teaches students to use computers for classwork and provides a complete scope and sequence for core curriculum teachers.

This text teaches students how to use computers for classwork in Social Studies.

This text teaches students how to use computers for classwork in Language Arts.

This text teaches students how to use computers for classwork in Mathematics.

This text teaches students how to use computers for classwork in Science.

This computer literacy program teaches students valuable computer literacy skills.

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