Bridgeway Education has the experience and expertise to make your educational content meet the standards of web content accessibility guidelines (Level AAA 2.0). We’ll ensure that your programs can be seen and heard by all students, regardless of visual or auditory disabilities, using any device or software

Let Bridgeway help you deliver the same meaningful learning experience to every member of your audience. Our services include:

  • Video/multimedia scripts and captioning
  • Authoring of text alternatives and captions for figures, images, graphics, and tables
  • Layout creation using colors and styles that meet standards for size, contrast, spacing, and format
  • Guaranteed correct reading order in any screen reader
  • Address security settings that may interfere with screen reader functionality
  • Appropriate identification of embedded multimedia

Contact us for more information on how our affordable solutions can make your content accessible to any student with visual or auditory challenges. To get started, our accessibility specialists can provide a FREE evaluation checklist of a sample of your documents or web pages. We will check color contrasts, reading order for screen readers, and tagging to ensure appropriate alternative texts are present. If your content needs a full review, we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your complete materials.

Introducing The Accessibility Imperative


The Accessibility Imperative is a Professional Development course that educates K-12 professionals on how to deliver more accessible learning experiences to students with diverse abilities.

Each of the six sections of the course helps educators-as-learners to understand diverse disabilities and common barriers to learning. Participants will learn how to develop more accessible pedagogy, curriculum, and digital materials.

Course Contents

  • Identify the moral and legal imperatives for accessibility
  • Recognize the identifiers and common needs of students with disabilities
  • Evaluate the accessibility of current pedagogy, curriculum and materials
  • Utilize tools and resources to make learning experiences more accessible
  • Design and deliver more accessible learning experiences for all students
  • Create a culture of accessibility at your school or district

Upon completing this 7-hour course, participants earn a Certificate of Completion as a Champion of Accessibility. This valuable credential demonstrates that you are taking a proactive approach to including all learners in your community.

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