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■ This row and column display is called Datasheet   Switch between Views
           view. This view enables you to see more than one
           record at a time on the screen.                  ■ To switch to Datasheet view from Table Design
                                                               view, click the View button   on the Home tab (in
         Datasheet view displays data in rows and columns
                                                               Access 2007) or the View button   on Standard
                                                               toolbar (in Access 2003) .
                                                            ■ When in Datasheet view, the View button’s face
                                                               changes, and clicking it switches you to Table
                                                               Design view.
                                                            ■ This button also has a drop-down list, so you can
                                                               choose other views from it.

                                                                   Switch between Datasheet and Table
                                                                     Design views via the View button

        ■ To move through the datasheet, you can use the
           navigation buttons at the bottom of the window.
        ■ The navigation buttons also show the current
           record and the total number of records.You can
           type a record number in the specific record box and
           press Enter to move to that record.

                   Datasheet navigation buttons
                                                            Enter Records
                          Previous     Next   Add new
                          record       record  record       ■ When you enter records, they are stored in a table.
                                                               Of all the types of objects in Access, tables are the
                                                               only object type that can hold records. Most of the
                                                               other types of objects are simply ways of looking at
                       First  Specific      Last               the data from one or more tables.
                       record  record      record
                                                            ■ To enter records in a datasheet or in a form, type
                                                               the information you want in a field, and press Tab or
        ■ When you move into a field, you are in one of two    Enter to go to the next field.
           modes: field edit mode or navigation mode. The   ■ To enter records in a datasheet, type the data
           insertion point displays in the field in edit mode; the  below each field name as you would in an Excel
           entire field entry is highlighted when you are in nav-  worksheet.
           igation mode. To switch back and forth between the
                                                            ■ Type the information you want for the record, and
           two modes, press F2.
                                                               press Tab or Enter to go to the next field.
        ■ Press Tab to go from one column to the next col-
                                                            ■ When you enter data in the last field for a record,
           umn. In the last column, press Tab to go to the first
                                                               press Tab or Enter to go to the first field of the next
           column in the next record.
                                                               record. If you are at the last record of the table, this
        ■ You can use the arrow keys to move around the        will automatically create a new record.
           datasheet, and you can also use a number of
                                                            ■ Unlike other Microsoft Office applications where
           shortcut keys to move to specific points in the
                                                               you have to choose the Save command, Access
                                                               automatically saves a record when you go to
                                                               another record.

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