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        Activity  1

        Scientific Notation

        Practice Activity

                     Technology Overview             A database program is a useful tool in which to
                     store and organize large amounts of data.You can even perform calculations with the
                     data. In this activity, you will edit a database by adding information you locate on the
                     Internet. Then, you will convert the numeric data into scientific notation. Finally, you
                     will create a report of the information.
                     Content Overview           Scientific notation is a method of representing a num-
                     ber as a decimal between 1 and 10 multiplied by a power of 10. It can make numbers
                     that are very long much easier to write and work with. In this activity, you will convert
                     the atomic masses of several elements from the periodic table into scientific notation.


        Database file The file that contains all objects of  Field properties Characteristics of a field that
           your database.                                      determine how long an entry can be, how the entry
                                                               will be formatted, whether there should be a default
        Datasheet A grid showing the data in a table, with
                                                               entry, and what can be entered (for example, num-
           the field names as column headings and the
                                                               bers only or valid dates only).
           records in rows beneath them.
                                                            Form A window showing the data in a table with one
        Datasheet view The view of a table that shows
                                                               record’s fields appearing at a time in individually
           you the data in each record. Like a spreadsheet, the
                                                               labeled boxes.
           datasheet shows rows (records) and columns
           (fields).                                        Navigation mode A mode in which the entire field
                                                               entry is highlighted in a selected field.
        Data type The type of data that a particular field is
           designed to hold. Common types include Text,     Navigation Pane The listing of all the objects in
           Number, Date, and Memo.                             the database.
        Field description An optional brief comment or      Object A table, form, query, report, or other item
           explanation of a field. The field description appears  used to store and manage data in a database.
           in the status bar at the bottom of the window when
                                                            Table A collection of database fields designed to be
           its field is selected.
                                                               used together.
        Field Edit mode A mode in which the insertion
                                                            Table Design view A view in which you can add,
           point displays in a selected field.
                                                               edit, and delete fields from the table, change field
                                                               types and descriptions, set a primary key, and more.

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