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                                                  UNIT 1     Why WATer MATTers

               The BIG IdeA                 Water is the indispensable resource without which life is
                                            impossible. Civilizations have thrived or collapsed depending

                                            on their access to and control of water. Despite this reality,
                                            many people remain unaware of how much our lives depend
                                            on this remarkable substance.  In much of the world, accessing
               SUSTAINABILITY               reliable and clean water remains hard work. The current water
               The long-term maintenance    struggles that millions of people endure are expected to spread
               of economic, environmental,
               and social health.           as population growth, mounting consumption, and climate
                                            change combine into a global water crisis.

               ECOLOGICAL SYSTEMS           In this unit we will explore these challenges and how
               Large-scale components       they are prompting people around the globe to promote
               of the Earth, such as the
               oceans, the atmosphere, and   forward-thinking approaches to water that are aligned with
               the biosphere.               sustainability and the ecological systems of the Earth.

                   UNIT 1 seLF-AssessMeNT

                   Before beginning this unit, consider what you already know about why water matters
                   by completing this self-assessment. For each statement below, rate your current level
                   of confidence with understanding sustainable water concepts.

                                                                         NOT      SOMEWHAT
                                                                     CONFIDENT    CONFIDENT   CONFIDENT

                    I am able to explain the ways that people
                    use water for agriculture, domestic use,             ❍            ❍           ❍
                    and industry.

                    I am able to explain the concept of water            ❍            ❍           ❍

                    I can explain the benefits and drawbacks             ❍            ❍           ❍
                    of dams.

                    I can explain how agriculture affects water          ❍            ❍           ❍
                    resources, especially groundwater.

                    I can describe domestic water systems and            ❍            ❍           ❍
                    some of the challenges that they are facing.

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