Page 2 - Livestock and Companion Animals
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                  as Organisms
                  as Organisms


                         This chapter covers the basic anatomy and physiology of common animals. It has
                       the following objectives:

                           1   Explain taxonomy and scientific names
                           2   List and describe the major animal groups
                           3   Identify the life processes of animals
                           4   Explain the structural basis of animals
                           5   Describe the anatomy of common animals
                           6   Explain the structure and parts of bones
                           7   Identify the major organ systems of animals and explain the physiology
                               of each


                         anatomy                    homeostasis                nervous system
                         bone                       integumentary system       nervous tissue
                         cartilage                  invertebrate               organ
                         cell division              Kingdom Animalia           organ system
                         cell specialization        lymphatic system           physiology
                         circulatory system         mammal                     reproductive system
                         connective tissue          marrow                     respiratory system
                         digestive system           meiosis                    skeletal system
                         epithelial tissue          mitosis                    tissue
                         excretory system           muscular system            vertebrae
                         growth plate               muscular tissue            vertebrate

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