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                                                                   ow that we have a basic understanding of the native lan-
                                                           N       guage and some basic anatomy, physiology, and disease
                                                            Nconcepts, how will we successfully navigate through an un-
                                                            familiar city or country? We must, of course, study maps to plan our
                                                              visit and know where we are going. The same effort is required to

                                                               learn the “terrain” of the human body. This chapter provides the
                                                                 major external map of the human body that serves as a guide
                                                                   for future chapters, which map in detail the internal regions.
                                                                     We’ll use medical directional terms and body locations as

                                                                       our foundation as we journey together through the
                                                                         human organism. Isn’t it ironic that if there is one
                                                                         thing we should know better than anything else, it
                                                                        should be our own bodies? Like the old saying says, by

                                                                the end of our journey through this textbook, you will know

                                                                your entire body like the back of your hand.
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